10+ Beautiful Cottage Retreat

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“How charming,” are the phrases that explain this beautiful, rustic styled cabin made by Flik by Design. It is full of fun, laughter, and type of comfy décor that makes anyone feel good at home. Colours are bouncy and vibrant, furnishings are retro-modern-varied styled using multifarious accents which enhance the home’s total charm.

Rooms match each other by mixing old and new furnishings creating a capricious vibe which is inviting and fresh. The selected vibrant colors are combined together with unique pieces. Every bit of space is used artificially to the minutest detail. Distinctive pieces are offered around, filling the space with a visual part which only fantastic strides in creativity can attest. It is evident the furnishings are made for ultimate comfort. The leather semi-chaise lounge chair in the living room area, provides outstanding comfort as it clearly shapes your system. The sofa is more traditional, but equally chairs match each other beautifully. The multi-hued, distinctively patterned carpeting, brings the whole appearance together, while vintage accents and family reminders decorate the wall, cabinet, and extra furnishings. The home carries a magical personal touch on it.

A rustic style home would not be complete without a screened-in porch. This fashionable porch combines lots of furniture styles from comfy cushions to wickerwork. Together with the glorious surroundings of beauteous greenery, a calm lake, and plenty of new air, this beautiful cabin is a wonderful escape. It is a location where hearts meet very good meals, personality, and comfort, to love the joys of existence.

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