5 Inspiring Marchi Cucine presents the new Brera Kitchen Design

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2019 marks an important anniversary for Marchi Cucine. The company observes 40 years in the company; a legacy characterized by the creation of established kitchens of the highest tier and an unmistakeable style that is as classic as it is unique.

Always attentive to alterations in taste and lifestyle, from the very beginning Marchi Cucine has supplied designs which populate the newest fashions in the world of home furnishings while satisfying the demands of home owners in look of exclusive, identifying choices.

Twenty years of history and excellence bear witness to the strength of a company which has established itself in the international market, achieving considerable consequences together the way.  Marchi Cucine is pleased to announce feature a preview of its brand -new BRERA  kitchen, which is part of the Gusto Italiano group, a range that attracts inspiration from the worlds of art, style and beauty.

The industrial chic atmosphere is performed by way of a desk in old wood and steel( which recalls the metal data about the grips and the cabinets and perfectly combines the cement kitchen worktop with incorporated spout and drainboard and the walls adorned with many patterns tiles.

The elements of the cabinets and the refrigerator in recycled wood draw the concentrate to the reuse subject, whose allure is situated in the is to experience the story behind every and every piece of wood, a story told to folks who want to live the kitchen to its fullest.

Brera  is available in white, red and charcoal grey with a distinctive translucent grained finishing which Offers a lived-in look to the surfaces)

A variant thought for men and women who do not think the kitchen in its just practical aspect, but wants to inform their story via the home they live in.

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