8 Awesome Contemporary Edwardian House

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Complete renovation, refurbishment and expansion of an Edwardian home by Scenario Architecture.
Our customers, a young family of 3 approached us a short to fully refurbish their brand new property, expand the kitchen/dining region by infilling that’dogtooth’ configuration and apply the space inside the massive attic.

Their most important requirements were to have: a much greater connection with the garden, a more integrated kitchen and dining region and longer space for guests.  The brief also demanded a comprehensive reorganisation of the internal design as the home hadn’t been upgraded for over 30 years.

We successfully made a layout which is fully tailored to the customers’ needs. By opening the inner structure, while maintaining the purpose of the formerly separated regions, the home immediately feels more open and welcoming whilst allowing for improved interaction with those spaces. There is a leak from front to rear, continuing from the garden, and regardless of the North facing rear elevation, smart placement of windows permits natural light to the kitchen.

During lowering a part of the attic floor, we supplied them with a different room and even with sufficient space for a different bathroom.

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